LFN Developer & Testing Forum - June 2021

LFN Developer & Testing Forums
Jun 7 - 10, 2021, 12:00 PM (UTC)

About this event

Join us for this FREE event! The LFN Developer & Testing Forum is being held over four days, June 7 - 10, 2021. Once again we will be virtually gathering the LFN project technical communities to progress our releases; discuss project architecture, direction, and integration points; and further innovate through the open source networking stack. We will use a combination of online tools to create a productive and interactive virtual meeting environment. The event is free of cost and registration is required. 

View the event Wiki page to learn more, check out the schedule, and find resources related to the event. Learn more about the Diversity & Inclusion Initiative at LFN Events here!

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Instructions to Register

Please utilize the RSVP form above to proceed with registration. Our registration system is integrated with the Linux Foundation ID system (LFID.) To register, please log in with your existing LFID, or create a new one here.

If you have forgotten the password for an existing account, reset it by clicking "Forgot Password". You will also be able to use 3rd party authentication providers (Gmail, GitHub, LinkedIn, and Facebook) to automatically generate your LFID. If you experience issues, please email at us events@lfnetworking.org.

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Participating Projects:

Anuket: Our mission is - Empower the global communications community by creating and developing reference cloud infrastructure models, architectures, conformance programs, and tools to deliver network services faster, more reliably, and securely. We'll be hosting some meetings exploring future development topics, discussing operating procedures, and fostering collaboration with other projects.

ODIM: ODIM coordinates with other key SDOs and open source communities, with a focus on automation, simplification, consistency, and interoperability of COTS and OSS infrastructure management solutions resulting in accelerating infrastructure deployments across segments while lowering operational complexity and cost.

ONAP: The ONAP community will be hosting meetings for alignment of architecture, modeling, security, and other aspects of system design as we look toward future releases of the platform.

OpenDaylight: OpenDaylight will be hosting some “how to get engaged” discussions and introduce new projects that aim to scale OpenDaylight for 2021 and into the future.

Tungsten Fabric: The Tungsten Fabric community will focus on "hands-on" development work for the next release of Tungsten Fabric, refining the Release Process, improving the CI/CD pipeline, and exploring cross-community integration with projects such as ONAP, DPDK, and more. 

XGVela: An open source collaborative cloud native Platform as a Service (PaaS) for applications and Telco network functions, which is to enable new services and help mobile operators to seize business opportunities from vertical industries in the 5G era.

View the event wiki page to learn more. For questions, please contact events@lfnetworking.org.