Denver Open Source Networking User Group Q4 Meeting + Food

CableLabs - 858 Coal Creek Circle Louisville - View Map Open Source Networking User Group Denver
Thu, Nov 8, 2018, 6:00 PM (MST)

About this event

It's time for another Open Source Networking (OSN) Meetup.
This group encompasses all Linux Foundation OSN projects (DPDK,, ONAP, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, PNDA, and SNAS, as well as other open source initiatives). See

CableLabs will be providing food for the meetup, a taco bar.

Our topics and speakers for this meetup include:

Introductions 6:00-6:15
Brian Hedstrom, Moderator, CEO, OAM Technology Consulting LLC

Topic 1 6:15-6:45: 5G in Brown Fields
Jonathan Wagner, Systems Engineer, Lumina Networks

It feels like there isn't a company on earth not shouting "5G!!" from the rooftops. As an industry, we've been quite good at discussing new technologies needed to support the 5G enabled services everyone envisions. That said, making 5G work isn't only to do with what's new. We need to be better at discussing what it takes to deploy 5G services in a hybrid, brown-field network. Because of the breadth of the task at hand, we have a unique opportunity to discuss all the different ways open source and support this transformation.

Topic 2 6:45-7:05: Placement of Services in a multi-cloud environment
Frank Sandoval, Senior Software Consulting Engineer, OAM Technology Consulting

This presentation will cover how VNF services and applications are ‘homed’ within the ONAP open networking framework. The ONAP Optimization Framework (OOF)
matches constraints expressed by a VNF to the capabilities available across a set of infrastructure resources. Placement decisions may be made on the basis of location, hardware
capabilities, or other parameters

Topic 3 7:05-7:25: Overcoming the performance and scalability challenges of container-based VNF orchestration
Adolfo Perez-Duran, Lead Software Architecture Consultant, OAM Technology Consulting

According to Gartner, by 2020, more than 50% of global enterprises will be running containerized applications in production. IDC forecasts that by 2021, more than 95% of new microservices will be deployed in containers. At the same time, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is enjoying high rate of adoption at telcos and large enterprises.
Containerized application environments have created exponential complexity in cloud-based management and monitoring of network services. One of the key question we are tackling is: can NFV orchestration platforms be containerized and be performant and scalable?
Orchestration is a challenge when adopting containers because it involves coordinating and connecting containers within multi-container, multi-host applications. The ONAP project is developing an orchestration platform for real-time, policy-driven orchestration and automation of physical and virtual network functions (VNF).
In this session Adolfo will discuss the challenges presented by the use of containers in ONAP and how the Container Images Best Practices and Tools (CIA) project is contributing to overcoming the performance and scalability challenges of container-based VNF orchestration.

Topic 4 7:25-7:50: Current Research and Advancements in SDN/NFV
Dr. Levi Perigo, Scholar in Residence, Technology, Cybersecurity, and Policy (TCP) graduate program, University of Colorado-Boulder

This presentation will discuss implementing and evaluating SDN/NFV in new and exciting ways, such as SDNMA—the software-defined, dynamic network manipulation application to enhance BGP functionality, and evaluating VMs vs Containers for optimal SDN VNF placement. Also, an overview of the Open Source Networking project programming protocol-independent packet processors (P4) will be discussed—is it the future?

Topic 4 7:50-8:00: Ideas for next meetup event


Thursday, Nov 8
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (MST)


858 Coal Creek Circle Louisville