Denver Open Source Networking User Group Q4 Meeting + Taco Bar + Giveaways

CableLabs - 858 Coal Creek Circle Louisville - View Map Open Source Networking User Group Denver
Thu, Dec 12, 2019, 6:00 PM (MST)

About this event

CableLabs will be providing a taco bar for the meetup and we will have Linux Foundation SWAG giveaways! Come out and join us this Thursday evening in Louisville at CableLabs.

It's time for another Open Source Networking (OSN) Meetup.
This group encompasses all Linux Foundation OSN projects (DPDK,, ONAP, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, PNDA, and SNAS, as well as other open source initiatives). See

Our topics and speakers for this meetup include:

Networking and Introductions 6:00-6:15
Brian Hedstrom, Moderator, Principal/Owner, OAM Technology Consulting LLC

Topic 1 6:15-6:45: Transparent Security Architecture
Sanjhana Jayagopal, Network Software Engineer, CableLabs

Transparent Security is a solution to identify the source devices of a DDoS attack and mitigate the attack on the customer premises or the access network. This solution leverages a P4 based programmable data plane to add in-band network telemetry (INT) for device identification and in-band mitigation at line rate without control plane intervention.

Topic 2 6:45-7:20: Web Mapping Big Data Using Open Source Tools
William Carter, Data Visualization Developer, The Freshwater Trust

The amount of big data that is collected is continually growing. With our GPS enabled mobile devices being a primary generator, increasingly we leave behind a geospatial trail of where we have been and what was happening on our phones at the time. The question of how to find signals in the large amount of data collected leads to exploration of different techniques to meaningfully display it on a web map. We'll focus on H3: Uber’s Hexagonal Hierarchical Spatial Index, an open source platform to elegantly index the planet geospatially. We'll delve into the problem that spurred its creation and investigate its usefulness. Finally, we'll look at an example hexbin map and will provide thoughts on additional potential use cases.

Topic 3 7:20-7:35: Containerized Network Function-enabled End Hosts
Levi Perigo, Dewang Gedia, and Rahil Gandotra, University of Colorado-Boulder

Network infrastructure operation and management is becoming increasingly complex. This complexity is a result of multi-vendor devices, distributed platforms, and the numerous protocols for control and management present in the network. In this research, we propose a novel framework to enable network functions on end hosts by utilizing container virtualization technologies. The lightweight and flexible nature of containers facilitate simple deployment and management, while enabling application-specific intelligence to reside on the end host relieving the core network infrastructure of these complexities. To achieve this, we implement software-defined networking (SDN) concepts and technologies to enable centralized control of end host network functions.

Topic 4 7:35-7:50: Placement Algorithm for Containerized SDN-VNFs in OpenFlow Architectures
Levi Perigo, Dewang Gedia, and Rahil Gandotra, University of Colorado-Boulder

The goal of this research is to further the preliminary work that presented a resilient SDN/NFV infrastructure per ETSI-NFV design considerations that actively orchestrates and monitors the network infrastructure comprising of SDN-VNF by designing a decision-tree (DT) algorithm to perform an optimal placement of containerized SDN-VNFs in an OpenFlow network architecture. The outcome of this research enhances the body of knowledge on implementing optimal containerized SDN-VNF placement algorithms that facilitate Internet Service Providers (ISPs) understanding of the benefits of containerized SDN-VNF adoption.

Wrap up and ideas for next meetup 7:50-8:00


Thursday, Dec 12
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (MST)


858 Coal Creek Circle Louisville