OSN Days Taiwan

National Chiao Tung University - 1001 Ta Hsueh Road Hsinchu, Taiwan - View Map Open Source Networking User Group Taipei
Fri, Dec 18, 2020, 9:50 AM (CST)

About this event

Open Source Networking Day (OSN Day) Taiwan is a one-day mini-summit hosted by National Chiao Tung University (NCTU交通大學). This event will be held in the international conference auditorium in the first floor of Microelectronics and Information Systems Center (MIRC電子資訊大樓) at the NCTU campus in Hsinchu. It will feature keynote speeches and in-depth technical updates from both oversea and local academia and industry experts. Attendees will hear about the state of the industry, the projects of the open source networking stack and their use cases, the business opportunities enabled by network transformation, how to get involved in open source communities, and get connected with industry and academia groups actively involved in open source networking in Taiwan.


Slides from the event are posted here and linked within each session description below.


There is no cost to participate in this event but registration is required.


The event runs from 9:50 AM to 4:00 PM local time. Food and beverages will be provided during lunch and break times. Scroll down below the speaker bios for a detailed agenda.



There is parking near MIRC in the campus for a fee.

Public Transportation

Taoyuan High-Speed Rail station to Hsinchu, then take a taxi to NCTU Campus (15-minute)

Airport Information

Taoyuan International Airport
40-50 minutes drive/53 km from NCTU campus, taxi costs about US$40 (SIN).

Local Hotels

Sheraton Hotel
No.265, E Section 1, Guangming 6th Rd
Hsinchu 302, Taiwan

Landis Inn Chuhu
1001 Ta Hsueh Rd.
Hsinchu 300, Taiwan
+886 -3 -571-3633
(walking distance from the campus)

Hotel Royal Hsinchu
No.227,Kuan-Fu Rd., Sec.1
Hsinchu 300, Taiwan


If you have any questions, please address them to the event organizer, Fuchun Joseph Lin <fjlin@nctu.edu.tw>


  • Arpit Joshipura

    Arpit Joshipura

    Linux Foundation

    General Manager, Networking, Edge, and IoT

    See Bio
  • Chun-Ming Ou 歐俊明

    Chun-Ming Ou 歐俊明

    Edgecore Networks

    See Bio
  • Mike Chih-Che Lin 林志哲

    Mike Chih-Che Lin 林志哲

    EstiNet Technologies Inc.


    See Bio
  • Howard Hsu 許懷文

    Howard Hsu 許懷文

    Edgecore Networks

    See Bio
  • Hsu-Tung Chien 簡旭彤

    Hsu-Tung Chien 簡旭彤

    Alpha Networks Inc.

    Associate Project Manager

    See Bio
  • HungWei Chiu 邱宏瑋

    HungWei Chiu 邱宏瑋

    Open Networking Foundation

    See Bio
  • Shih-Che Chien簡士哲

    Shih-Che Chien簡士哲

    Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories

    See Bio
  • Yi Tseng 曾毅

    Yi Tseng 曾毅

    Open Networking Foundation

    See Bio
  • Yukio Ito

    Yukio Ito


    Chairman, Okinawa Open Laboratory Senior Vice President, NEC

    See Bio
  • Heather Kirksey

    Heather Kirksey

    Linux Foundation

    Vice President of Community and Ecosystem

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  • When

    Friday, Dec 18
    9:50 AM - 4:00 PM (CST)


    National Chiao Tung University
    1001 Ta Hsueh Road HsinchuTaiwan